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Íslenska Grænland

This map shows the center of old Greenland with red marks as stone beacons or cairns, in all 31, with blue marks as stone longhouses or budir in Icelandic, in all 12.  This is the part of old Greenland they called Vestribyggðs Markland.  In the lover left corner is the Island of Straumey with a cairn on it, missing is the ruin of the sod house built by Leif Eiriksson and his crew.  To the right is an other cairn at Richmond gulf or Hópe as the Icelandic settlers called the place, the cairn is on Cairn Island and close by is the ruin of the sodhouse or Longhouse built on the Island by Leif Eirikson. This is the entry point to Vinland, just out side the rule of the Cree Indians living further south.  The cairns around Puvirnituq should be connected to the cairns and the longhouse camp at Payne Lake and over to Payne Bay, at these points the Icelandic settlers would have drowned the caribou on the river crossings of migration.  Ungva Bay would be the Icelandic Breidafjord with the Island of Drangey in the middle.

The Ungava Peninsula is the place the manuscripts called Dýranes or Animal point, with Caribou wandering north in the summer and south in the winter.

   Near Cape Dorset is Brattahlíð the home of Eirik the Red and his family.  At the Island called Big Island is the place they called Hvalsey or Whale Island by the shape of the Island.  Resolution Island would be the place they called Hreiney or Caribou Island.  





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